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Complete listing of National Council of Church materials donated to the Urbana University Library. This collection includes Council Reports, Brochures, DVDs, etc.


This LibGuide was created for the purpose of indexing materials involving the National Council of the Churches of Christ, also known simply as the National Council of Churches, donated to the Urbana University Swedenborg Memorial Library by Ms. Mary Ann Fischer. Ms. Fischer, a member of the Cincinnati Swedenborg Church, serves as her congregation’s NCC delegate.

The NCC Collection

Lists of NCC materials that have been donated to this collection may be accessed by clicking on the tabs across the top of this page. The items in this collection have been grouped together by years.

This collection is located in the Cutler Wing of the Swedenborg Memorial Library, on the Urbana University campus. While these items do have a non-circulating status, we welcome individuals to visit our library to look at these items in person. We are also willing to photocopy and mail items within the contiguous 48 states. 

What is the National Council of Churches?

The National Council of the Churches of Christ was founded in 1950. Its 45 million members represent a wide array of faith groups, including Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelical, historic African American and Living Peace churches. They work together to identify the areas of belief they hold in common; they celebrate the diverse and unique gifts that each church brings to ecumenical life; and together they study those issues that divide the churches. They also cooperate in many joint programs of education, advocacy and service that address critically important needs and that witness to their common faith in Jesus Christ. 

Visit the National Council of Churches website for more information

Subject Guide

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If you are unable to make it into the Urbana University Library in person, and would like an item photocopied and mailed to you please contact the library by either phone or e-mail. 
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Please note that the library ships items by media mail. Therefore, it may take 7-10 days for a requested item to reach you.

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