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UU Nursing: Databases

Finding Journal Articles about Nursing

**For access to these databases from off-campus, you will need to log in and authenticate using your Urbana University Library barcode (found on the back of your student ID card)**
Journal articles covering all aspects of nursing. 
Journal articles covering all aspects of nursing.
Rigorous and up-to-date research on the effectiveness of healthcare treatments and interventions.

Finding Journal Articles in related fields

SEARCH TIP: Articles relevant to nursing and health care may appear in other disciplines including...
Covers all aspects of business including economics, human resources, strategic planning, administration.  Useful for healthcare management topics as well as business reponse to healthcare plans.
Psychology and social sciences research may be useful when considering family relationships and influences on patients; individual psychological response to illness or treatment; human development across the lifespan.
Journal articles about all areas of the social sciences includes case management; health services accessibility; family relations; mental health and more.
Often refered to as the "physician's literature" for its medical perspective on illness, injury and treatment.  Also useful for research related to health care management and economics.
All aspects of US law including malpractice, patients' rights, insurance, informed consent, privacy.
Sports & sports medicine research of potential use when considering physical therapy or care of athletes.

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